Maroo Webinar with Kate Turner: The Confidence to Charge What You Are Worth

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Please find the recap of the webinar via the following link: click here


In a recent insightful webinar hosted by Maroo, Alex, the founder and CEO, alongside Kate Turner, founder and creative director of Kate and Company, delved into the nuances of valuing and pricing event planning services. Their conversation offered a plethora of valuable insights for event professionals, particularly focusing on the dynamics of understanding and communicating the value of their services.

Journey to Following a Passion

Kate shared her personal journey, which was both inspiring and reflective of her deep passion for event planning. From a young age, she was drawn to wedding industry over typical teenage interests, leading her eventually to embrace event planning as a career despite initial start in (tax!) accounting and marketing. "I think I'm the only one of all of my friends who had every Martha Stewart weddings magazine," Kate reminisced, highlighting her early love for the industry.

Articulating and Recognizing Value

A significant part of the webinar focused on how event planners can recognize and communicate their value more effectively. Kate emphasized the need for event planners to see themselves as gatekeepers of quality, ensuring that every aspect of an event is executed flawlessly. "We have to build out the best vendor team and be a partner for our clients," Kate stated, highlighting the planner's role in managing relationships and expectations.

Navigating Pricing and Client Perceptions

Discussing the often tricky subject of pricing, Kate shared her approach to setting and explaining her pricing transparently. She stressed the importance of planners giving themselves permission to charge appropriately for their invaluable services. "There is a reason why this job is on the list of the most stressful in the country, because there is so much weight on our shoulders and I have no patience for couples or their families who place no value in what I do for a living" Kate advised, providing a rationale for why event planners should not undervalue their services.

Building and Maintaining Client Relationships

Maintaining strong relationships with clients was another focal point. Kate discussed how setting the right expectations from the start is crucial. She shared her practice of being transparent about capabilities and pricing from the initial client interaction, which helps in building trust and managing expectations effectively.

This webinar not only highlighted the challenges faced by event planners in terms of pricing and client communication but also provided actionable strategies to overcome them. By leveraging their unique value and employing targeted tools and education, event professionals can position themselves for greater success and client satisfaction in a competitive market.

Please find the recap of the webinar via the following link: click here

Alex Nikityuk
Apr 18, 2024
3min read
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