Festive Team-Building Ideas for Wedding & Event Pros!

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Happy holidays, Maroo Family!

As we gear up for a season of joy and celebration, why not add some festive spirit into your team-building routine? Whether you're gathering virtually or at the office, let's make this holiday season unforgettable for your event-planning squad. Here are some Maroo-approved ideas to spread cheer with your team this year.

1. Virtual Ugly Sweater Contest: Deck your team in the jolliest, tackiest holiday sweaters and have a virtual sweater show-off. The one with the most festive and fabulously awful sweater wins the crown—bonus points for creativity!

2. Online Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Bring the gift-giving magic to your virtual space. Use a digital platform to draw names, set a budget, and let the surprise and joy of gift-giving brighten everyone's day.

3. Recipe Exchange: Share your favorite holiday recipes with the team, and encourage each other to cook them for the holiday season and share pictures of their big hits (or misses)! It's a delightful way to connect over shared culinary adventures.

4. Magic Moments: Create a shared document where team members can post their favorite holiday memories or traditions. It's a heartwarming way to get to know each other better and celebrate the diverse holiday traditions within your team.

5. Apple Reactions: When you're bringing the team together virtually, why not add a dash of Apple flair? Whether it's a virtual round of applause, a festive thumbs-up, or a hearty celebration using the confetti effect, Apple Reactions can amplify the joy of your online gatherings

Remember, the holidays are not just about reaching your professional goals but also about celebrating the camaraderie and magic within your team. Share your team-building moments with us and tag #maroome online. We’d love to see what you and your team get up to this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!
Team Maroo

Prianka Dhir
Dec 4, 2023
1 min read
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