6 Tips To using TikTok + Reels for Wedding Pros

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Here Is Exactly How To Create Wedding TikTok & Reels for Your Business

If you’re on Instagram, chances are your feed is filled with video content. There is no denying that video content is having a serious moment. The Instagram algorithms are geared toward it, meaning that if you want to grow on Instagram, video is more important than ever before. And then there’s TikTok––a platform that continues to clip all the other platforms in terms of growth and has proven to be an effective way to grow a brand and even book business. We know that the idea of creating Instagram reels and TikTok videos is likely an incredibly overwhelming one. But it really doesn’t have to be so stressful. (Take it from me, I have spent my career building up the world’s largest wedding Instagram accounts.) Here, my top tips and steps to getting started using TikTok and Instagram Reels for your wedding business.

1. Skip the horizontal 60-second teaser

Gone are the days of a 60-second teaser in a square or horizontal format. It’s too long and vertical videos are far more conducive to Instagram. Instead, ask your videographer partner for 4 separate videos, filmed in a 9x16 format (ie, vertical!). Your clips should be no longer than 10-15 seconds. And, instead of showing every detail of a reception, focus on 4-5 details and clips instead. What exactly to post? Read on!

2. Try using this formula

Keep it simple. Instead of showing every detail of a reception, focus on 4-5 details and clips. A formula to get you started:

  1. Start with a pan from left to right that shows the entire space 
  2. Zoom in or walk in on a design element (such as a centerpiece) 
  3. Now, pan  right to left on another design element (think a cool bar) 
  4. Now, show a straight-on clip of guest reactions as they walk into the room OR show a straight-on clip of the wedding cake. 
  5. Now show a short clip of you standing behind the dance floor, getting the guests dancing to the band

3. Spend time getting that first clip right!  

If you don’t hook viewers within the first 1-3 seconds on TikTok or reels, they will most likely scroll to the next video. The best way to hook them? Start with the grand, full picture first before the close-up details. In other words, set the scene by showing the overall venue and space first. Fun fact: This tip not only works with TikTok and reels, it also works when posting a carousel of images to your feed!

4. For real, don’t go over 15 seconds with your clips (aim for 10!)

Aim for videos that are no longer than 10 seconds long. You may be able to get away with bringing it up to 15 seconds (if absolutely necessary) but having analyzed client video content stats, it appears as though 10 seconds is the golden number! 

5. Download apps to help you edit your clips

Not to scare you but it’s possible to spend a ton of time creating a reel and then to lose it. I once created a pretty epic Reel for a client. I spent nearly 2 and a half hours on it and all of a sudden, Instagram crashed. All of my work was immediately gone. I think I threw my phone against the wall and said I wasn’t going to re-create it (I eventually did), but there are tools and apps to help you create videos easily on your phone. Maroo’s own social media manager, Savannah Rockwin prefers Video shop, Cap Cut, or Splice. 

6. Choose an upbeat popular or trending song (but check the lyrics first)! 

Once you have your clips together, it’s time to pick an upbeat song from TikTok’s trending list to pair it with. Popular and trending songs are always a great option on both TikTok and Reels. However, remember, we work in weddings and events. Weddings and events are a celebratory event and this should be reflected in the music. Don’t include a trending song if the lyrics are filled with talk about something unrelated such as death, heartbreak, grief or violence. Our advice? Be careful with your music choices! Post with up to 5 tailored hashtags such as #weddingtok or #weddingtiktok and you’re good to go. 

Want more? Obviously! 

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Samantha Roberts
Nov 16, 2022
3 min read
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