5 Signs It’s Time To Hire A New Employee For Your Wedding Business

Hiring an employee shouldn’t be taken lightly and there’s a lot to consider before you do it––but it’s a vital step to take for the growth and success of the company. Thinking about bringing someone onto the team? Read on for these five tell-tale signs that it’s time to take the step.

  1. You’re constantly playing catch-up or feeling behind. 

As business owners in the wedding industry, we’re used to working long hours to get it done. But if you’re feeling as though you’re drowning or consistently working into the wee hours of the morning to get it all done, that may be a sign that it’s time to start looking for an employee. “When my to-do lists only got longer and the hours in each day felt shorter, I knew I needed to bring on more help,” says Aimee Monihan

  1. Your revenue is stagnant. 

Repeat after us: Your wedding business is not a hobby and it’s not a passion project. The goal of any business should be to make money and if revenue is not growing or has remained stagnant, then it’s time to hire an employee to help. Yes, hiring an employee is an investment. But you’ll be able to make more money with that extra help over time. 

  1. Your response time to clients has increased 

Response times are everything in the weddings and events industry. Tensions tend to run very high in the industry. No client or creative partner wants to feel as if they are being ignored. Whether it’s a response time to a lead or a response to another creative partner, or even a current client, it’s imperative that you respond quickly if you want to maintain trust and a great reputation. So, if you’re behind in communications, it may be time to hire an employee to help you! 

  1. You’ve fallen behind on bookkeeping, taxes, and invoicing.

It’s easy to let the finances fall to the wayside when logistics, client management and sales are overwhelming your day. After all, the tedious nature of managing the numbers is not only time-consuming, it doesn't come with the same pressures as your clients and your creative partners may demand. That said, if you find yourself ignoring and pushing it aside week over week and month after month, it’s a sign that it’s time to hire some help.

  1. You crave more work-life balance. 

Event planner Marcy Blum often refers to those of us who work in the weddings industry as “circus people.” And she’s not wrong! As industry businesses and pros working within the weddings industry, the lifestyle involves a lot of travel, time working on your feet night after night. And while we wouldn’t do it unless we loved it, it is all too easy to dedicate all of our personal time to the industry and job as well. Just because that can easily happen doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Remember: As a business owner, it’s more than okay to be just that––a business owner and not so much in the weeds! Does this ring true for you? It might be time to add someone to the team.

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Samantha Roberts
Oct 4, 2022
4 min read
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