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Experience an all-in-one platform tailored to photographers' needs. Manage client interactions, streamline payments, and secure contracts effortlessly with our intuitive, specialized system.

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Zero Processing Fees for Enhanced Profitability

Photographers can significantly boost their profit margins by using a service that offers zero processing fees. This advantage means more earnings retained from each client payment, enabling photographers to invest more in their craft and business growth.

Streamlined Payment and Invoicing System

The service simplifies the invoicing and payment process, allowing photographers to easily set up payment milestones, send professional invoices, and receive payments through diverse methods like bank transfers and cards. This efficiency saves time and reduces the hassle of financial management.

Integrated Gratuity Feature

With an integrated gratuity feature, photographers can effortlessly offer clients the option to add tips either as a percentage or a fixed amount. This not only provides an avenue for additional income but also enhances the overall client experience by facilitating a simple way for clients to express their appreciation.

Payments Processing Made Easy

Save on Costs for Photographers

Zero Fees: Get paid quickly for your photography work with no processing fees.
Client Flexibility: Offer various payment methods to your photography clients.
Increased Profits: Boost your bottom line with no merchant fees.
Time-Saving: Quickly resolve payment queries, saving you valuable time.
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Dashboard mockup

Branded Invoicing for Photographers

Customizable Payment Milestones: Set up various payment stages, auto-reminders, and add portfolio attachments for your photography services.
Diverse Payment Options: Accept payments via bank transfers and cards, catering to different client preferences.
Versatile Client Billing: Easily invoice both individual clients and businesses for your photography work.
Guest Payment Convenience: Allow clients to pay without the need for signing up, simplifying the payment process.

Expand Your Photography Business

Gratuity Feature: Include a gratuity option on photography invoices for clients to express appreciation.
Flexible & Direct: Clients can add tips in % or $, directly on the invoice, anytime.
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Dashboard mockup

Simplified Payments for Photographers

Pay Freelancers &Suppliers with Maroo: As a photographer, use Maroo to pay businesses and freelancers. Schedule your payments in advance.
Versatile Payment Methods: Utilize free B2B ACH payments or credit cards, even if not accepted by the supplier.
Easy Tax Documentation: Conveniently download 1099-NEC forms for your photography business at year-end.
Stay organized


Utilize Maroo's integrations to seamlessly align with your photography business, incorporating tools like Zapier or for efficient workflow management. Anticipate new features with upcoming integrations with key accounting platforms, streamlining your operations further.
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Generate invoices for clients quickly using customizable and visually appealing templates

Invoice Templates for Event Planning

Offer detailed pricing information for every aspect of your event, from initial setup to final clean-up. Our templates cater to various billing styles, including flat rates, initial deposits, or scheduled billing dates. Personalize your invoice to reflect the essence of the event, allowing clients to see an itemized breakdown of services and packages, ensuring clarity and customization in your pricing structure.

How it works

Streamline Your Payments in 4 Simple Steps

Open Your Account in Minutes

Joining Maroo is quick and hassle-free.
No credit checks. No paperwork.

Create Invoices with Ease

Effortlessly generate professional invoices. Customize your invoices, add required details, and set payment terms with just a few clicks.

Save Big on Processing Fees

Say goodbye to awkward conversations. Seamlessly pass on processing fees to your clients. Save money while ensuring transparent pricing for your services.

Get Paid Fast and Securely

Experience swift and secure payments through our trusted payment gateway. Offer your clients flexible payment methods, including cards and ACH bank transfers.

Questions & Answers

Everything you need to know to get started on Maroo today
What is Maroo for Photographers?
Maroo is a payments platform specially designed for the wedding photography and event photography industry. On Maroo, as a professional photographer, you can accept client payments with zero processing fees by passing these fees onto your photography clients. Additionally, it allows photographers to pay bills with a credit card, even if the supplier doesn’t accept it. Maroo is also perfect for photographers to manage payments to freelancers and contractors and effortlessly generate 1099-NEC forms. Plus, for photography businesses, all transactions are synced with Quickbooks Online, with more accounting integrations on the way!
Is Maroo Free for Photographers?
es, most features on Maroo are free, making it a cost-effective choice for photographers. We will soon launch Maroo Pro - an optional suite of features for photographers to opt-in, based on the specific needs of their photography business.
Can Photographers Really Pass on Processing Fees to Clients on Maroo?
Absolutely! Photographers, except those based in Connecticut or Massachusetts, can pass on the processing fees to their clients when using Maroo. If unsure, photographers should consult with their CPA to understand the latest regulation changes in their state.
What are Maroo's Processing Fees for Photographers?
Photographers can find all the details about Maroo's processing fees at This ensures transparency in managing the financial aspects of their photography business.
What Payment Methods are Accepted for Photographers on Maroo?
Photographers can accept payments through Maroo using secure bank transfers (ACH) and debit or credit cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Options for Apple Pay and Google Pay are coming soon, offering more versatility for photography clients. For a small fee, international cards issued outside of the United States are also accepted, making it convenient for photographers with international clients.
Can Photographers Pay Freelancers and Suppliers on Maroo?
Definitely! Photographers can smoothly handle their freelancer payroll on Maroo. The platform assists photographers in generating and filing 1099 forms at year-end. Plus, photographers can pay their suppliers through Maroo, using a credit card even when the supplier doesn’t accept this payment method. Maroo will then send a bank transfer or mail a check to the supplier, simplifying the payment process for photographers.
Does Maroo Connect with Quickbooks Online for Photographers?
Yes. Since 95% of our photographer clients use Quickbooks Online, we prioritized this integration. Plans to expand this list in the coming months are in place, which is great news for photographers looking for more integrated solutions.
Where Can Photographers Get Support on Maroo?
Photographers are always welcome to chat with our team by clicking the coral circle in the bottom right corner of the Maroo platform. Alternatively, they can reach out via [email protected]. Our customer success team is dedicated to assisting photographers with any inquiries or support they need.
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