Top 5 Social Media Tips for Wedding & Event Businesses

Anja Winikka
June 2, 2023
3 min read

Social media. Two words can make even the most seasoned wedding pro feel out of their comfort zone. It’s constantly changing and it never stops. Platforms, trends, and even best practices feel like they come and go fairly quickly and it’s hard for many weddings to keep up! Recently, Persephone Maglaya, the CEO of The Media Socialites and founder of Bridal Vogue, and Samantha Roberts, Maroo’s Head of Business Development and social media expert had a candid conversation on social media trends in 2022. Not able to join? Read below for 5 social media tips to implement and remember for this year! 

  1. Invest in More Than Just Instagram 
    Believe it or not, there are more social platforms than just Instagram! Persephone’s biggest takeaway was encouraging everyone to invest time into different platforms. Her agency, The Media Socialites, is putting an emphasis and pushing clients towards TikTok and Pinterest at the moment. Her big takeaway: The video content her team produces for TikTok, often performs extremely well on Pinterest! Plus, repurposing content on different platforms saves you time and helps build your numbers and brand recognition across all social media platforms. 
  1. Less is More
    With so much content being pushed out on social media platforms, Samantha suggests a less is more strategy. “It’s more important to curate your content, prioritizing quality over quantity,” she says. “If that means posting less or once a week – so be it!” Samantha recommends taking the pressure off yourself and your team to post every single day. Instead, focus on making sure the content you are producing or posting to Instagram represents your brand and the clients you want. Less is often much more, especially on Instagram!  
  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Face
    You are most likely the face of your company and this is why it’s so important to put yourself out there and show your face on social media. “Don’t be afraid!” Persephone says. “The more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable you will be. Potential clients (and brands!) want to identify and recognize the face of the company.” You might be surprised to find that the posts where you show your face are going to be top performers for you. 
  1. Take Advantage of Wedding Weekends 
    Both Persephone and Samantha contend that taking advantage of wedding weekends and the days following the wedding are key to growing your social following and engagements. They recommend connecting with the planner and photographer to coordinate a release strategy. This might mean coordinating with all the businesses involved in creating the wedding weekend in order to maximize your reach on social media. Another tip: No need to post on social media on the wedding day––posts can go up throughout the following week! 
    Another must know-tip? Always snap some quick iPhone videos of the ceremony and reception decor for IG stories, TikTok, and Instagram Reels! 
  1. Forget About A Time Of Day Strategy
    Remember when Sunday nights were a popular time to post on Instagram? Newsflash: Nowadays, the time of day is not as important as it used to be! Both social media experts suggest instead posting when you are ready. “Be smart about it!” Persephone caveats. “Why would you post on Instagram at 2 a.m. when most of your audience is sleeping? You’re good to post pretty much any other time when you believe your audience is awake!” 

Want more from the Maroo Webinar series? Stay tuned. We’re hosting a members-only Maroo webinar on March 21st all about financial transformation with Josh Spiegel of BIRCH Event Design at 12pm EST. 

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