It's Finally Here! Our B2B and Freelancer Payment Platform 🙌🏼

Now, not only can you get paid on Maroo — but you can now pay businesses or freelancers on it as well. Our B2B payment platform allows you to keep all of your payments in one spot and we’ll even send out your 1099s at the end of the year!

Pay A Business Using Maroo

We know that as a business in the weddings and event industry, your business is multi-faceted. You need a payment platform that allows you to get paid easily, but also has the capabilities to pay other businesses, freelancers or independent contractors. Which is why we’re very excited about the launch of our new B2B payments portal. 

Paying a business will look and feel similar to sending a payment request to clients. Simply include the details of your payment, including new fields such as invoice number or memo to business. 

Next, select how you’d like to pay the recipient (Bank transfer, credit or debit card). 

An added feature for Paying A Business, includes scheduling out when the payment is withdrawn from your account. Want to be sure that your cash flow is kept in order? The scheduling tool is an ideal way to make sure the payment is withdrawn when it works best for you, whether it is months, weeks, or even days before the due date. 

Once a business accepts your payment request, they will be paid out in 1 business day. 

1099s also on your mind? We got you! Within your Maroo Pay A Business dashboard, we will help you create 1099s, making it simple for you to keep your books in order in time for tax season.

Check out Pay A Business in your dashboard to send your first payment!

Alex Nikityuk
May 23, 2022
3 min read
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