Bridal Trends 2024: Insights from Samantha Ruiz

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Samantha Ruiz

In a recent webinar hosted by Maroo, bridal stylist Samantha Ruiz, co-founder of Sera Studio shared her insights into the upcoming wedding trends for 2024, offering a blend of professional expertise and personal experience. As we delve into Samantha's forecast and styling tips, it's clear that the bridal world is set for an exciting evolution, embracing everything from color trends and groom styling to sustainability and personalization.

Evolving Bridal Styles

Samantha predicts a notable shift towards exposed corsets, intricate lacework, and sculptural pieces in bridal fashion. Drawing inspiration from old Hollywood and the 80s, the upcoming trends promise a blend of elegance and edginess, catering to brides seeking uniqueness in their bridal attire.

The Color Palette

The color trends for 2024 weddings are as vibrant as they are varied. While classic peach remains a perennial favorite, expect to see a surge in green hues, reflecting a move towards more natural and organic wedding themes. This ties neatly into a growing emphasis on sustainability within the bridal industry, with Samantha highlighting the importance of eco-friendly choices and the repurposing of vintage pieces to reduce waste.

Groom Styling Comes to the Fore

Groom styling is stepping out of the shadows, with an increasing focus on tailored suits and unique accessories that complement the bridal look. Samantha's insights into groom styling underscore the need for outfits that are not only timeless but also reflect the individual's personality.

Personalization is Key

One of the standout points from the webinar was the importance of personalization. From incorporating family heirlooms to customizing attire with monograms, brides and grooms are seeking ways to make their wedding attire uniquely theirs. This desire for personalization extends to the overall wedding design, with couples eager to infuse their celebrations with details that reflect their journey together.

Sustainability in Bridal Fashion

Echoing a wider industry trend, Samantha spoke passionately about sustainability in bridal fashion. She discussed the growing popularity of vintage and repurposed pieces, not only for their environmental benefits but also for the unique charm they bring to bridal attire.

Bridal Fashion Week and Beyond

Looking ahead to Bridal Fashion Week, Samantha shared her excitement for what's to come, hinting at the emergence of sheer elements and a revival of lace in innovative forms. Her predictions suggest a bridal fashion landscape that's both diverse and daring, offering something for every bride.

The Role of the Wedding Stylist

The webinar underscored the invaluable role of a wedding stylist in navigating these trends. Samantha's expertise not only helps brides select the perfect attire but also ensures that every detail, from the fit of the dress to the choice of accessories, contributes to a cohesive and stunning bridal look.

In conclusion, the webinar with Samantha Ruiz was a treasure trove of insights for anyone involved in wedding planning, from industry professionals to future brides and grooms. As we look towards 2024, it's clear that bridal fashion is on the cusp of an exciting transformation, embracing both the timeless and the trendy, the sustainable and the stylish.

Alex Nikityuk
Mar 21, 2024
3 min read
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