Best Invoicing Software for Freelancers 2024

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Why Having An Invoicing Solution Is Critical For Freelancers

Accurate invoicing isn't only about getting paid. It's an extension of your professionalism and reflects on your brand. A good invoicing software goes beyond generating bills; it's a tool for managing cash flow, projecting a professional image, and ensuring compliance with tax obligations.

Benefits of Contemporary Invoicing Tools

Modern invoicing solutions offer immense benefits. They simplify the payment process, support multiple payment gateways, automate reminders, track invoice status, and even provide valuable insights into your business's financial health. Plus, with mobile support, you can manage your finances on the go - a must for the dynamic solopreneur's lifestyle.

Key Features Every Invoicing Software Should Have

When weighing your options, consider these must-have features:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensure the software is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Invoice Tracking: Stay updated on the status of each invoice.
  • Processing Fees: Look for solutions that minimize expenses.
  • Payment Reminders: Save time with automatic reminders.
  • Branding: Present a cohesive brand image with customizable templates.
  • Mobile App Support: Run your business from anywhere.
  • Specialization: Certain tools cater to your specific industry or trade.
  • Accounting Integration: Tools like QuickBooks Online integration simplify bookkeeping.

Let's do a comparative analysis of some of the best invoicing software available in February 2024, and do stick around till the end where we have the cherry on the top!


It promises a strong mobile app that keeps you connected to your clients and promptly notifies you about viewed or overdue invoices. However, its least expensive plan lacks some crucial features like double-entry accounting reports, bank reconciliation, and accountant access.

Square Invoices

Offers an all-encompassing package featuring unlimited invoicing, estimates, contracts, users, and clients. A slight drawback though is that their free plan doesn’t offer custom invoicing fields and the ability to auto-convert estimates into invoices.

Wave Invoicing

Needs no installation and takes a no-limits approach with no limits on billable clients, invoices, or users. However, its limited features might not cater to rapidly growing businesses.


Another great contender, allowing unlimited clients and projects across all plan tiers along with a diverse library of invoice templates. The only limitation is the lack of phone support with support restricted to email and in-app chat.


Goes beyond just invoicing, offering a holistic approach to project and client management. The only hitch here is that it necessitates the use of HoneyBook as your payment processor to accept online payments.


Maroo offers all the features that freelancers need in invoicing software. The dashboard is user-friendly, allowing you to send invoices, track its status and auto-magically follow up on payments all in one place. Additionally, Maroo ensures seamless integration with your existing tools and provides top-notch customer support. What sets Maroo apart is its flexibility - with Maroo, you're in control around who pays the processing fees. You can always choose an option to pass on the processing fees onto your clients and this way accept payments with zero processing fees.

In conclusion, while the invoicing software market offers a varied set of options, your choice should align with your unique requirements. And Maroo might just be the solution to meet your invoicing needs!

Alex Nikityuk
Feb 6, 2024
2 min read
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