5 Learnings from Multi-Million Dollar Wedding Business Owner Jordan Kahn

This past week we had the opportunity to host Jordan Kahn on a monthly Maroo webinar. Jordan and his business partner own and manage Jordan Kahn Music Company, a multi-million dollar business that is revolutionizing entertainment at weddings and events around the world. From industry relationships to thinking big, here are our top takeaways from the webinar!

  1. Industry relationships are everything. Invest time into your industry relationships. From the very beginning of their company, Jordan and his business partner have prioritized their industry relationships–spending time (and money!) developing friendships within the industry. According to Kahn, your word-of-mouth reputation is everything and it takes time and dedication to develop those relationships. “People want to work with their friends,” he says. We couldn’t agree more!
  1. Give without expecting an ROI. Jordan Kahn and his associates are known for showing industry professionals a good time. Whether it’s offering a Penthouse apartment in NYC for a few nights, inviting them to a hosted dinner party or bringing pros to Dallas on an all expense paid trip–he offers these (and more) with the expectation of nothing in return. He explained that it’s really about taking the time to truly get to know everyone. “You want to be top of mind for people.” Khan says. “When you give back to the community–parties, penthouse, etc.–the community will come back and remember you when it comes to booking you for their events.”
  1. Invest in your team and hire talented people. The Jordan Kahn Music Company has an incredibly high employee retention rate. Jordan stressed that he and his business partner spend time hiring the right employees and investing a lot of their profits back into the company. Some key insights: They spend time putting employees in the right roles and not assuming that every employee is going to fit the job description to a T; they invest time on proper training and career growth; and pay their employees well. “My business partner and I pay some of our employees more than we pay ourselves!” Jordan says. “That is how vital they are to the company.”
  1. Let Go! In the same vein as the above, Jordan also shared that learning to let go–not to micromanage or dictate too much to his employees–is one of the most valuable lessons and approaches he has taken over the years. For as much time and attention they pay to quality and relationships and training, it has sometimes felt risky to let go. But, to Kahn and his team, letting the team do their jobs and learning to put them in real position to own their work has paid off in the best ways. 
  1. Don’t ever sacrifice quality. For a company known for its high-end clients and luxury experiences, Jordan and his team clearly make quality a priority. From the very beginning during the sales process to the event itself and every touchpoint along the way, they take care to ensure that every moment for the client is a good one. Fun fact: the Jordan Kahn Music Company even has an entire department dedicated to quality control so that the client experience is never compromised!  

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Samantha Roberts
Aug 12, 2022
3 min read
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