The Cost of a 230-Person Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

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This submission for a 230-person event in Atlanta, Georgia came from the couple’s wedding planner.  We asked the planner a few questions below!

The Details

Estimated Budget: $250,000

Venue: $2,000

Planning: $109,853

Photography: $18,000

Food & Beverage: $100,916

Floral & Design: $78,616

Hair & Makeup: $7,160

Entertainment (reception band, cold spark departure): $30,900

Cake: $1,781

Stationery: $10,486

Transportation: $3,919

Welcome Bags: $3,900

Officiant: $600

Tent, Flooring, Labor & Delivery: $132,130

Rentals: $133,670

Total Wedding Cost: $633,931

We asked the planner a few questions below!

1️. Can you walk us through the budget increase for this event? Did anything change in their planning process to account for this price jump?

“Yes - they initially were going to host their wedding inside the venue and then decided they wanted to do a tented event on site and still utilize some inside areas for cocktail hour and cake etc, but host the reception as a whole outside under a tent.”

2️. Can you elaborate on the rental fee? Tent? Flooring?

“It was a scaffolded tent with flooring, walls, heaters, etc. This number also encompasses lighting ($14,000) draping ($31,795), furnishings ($26,417) and linens ($5,385).”

3️. How many people had hair and makeup services?

“There were 10 people.”

MAROO NOTE: Maroo Budget Talks are designed to encourage couples and wedding pros to share REAL wedding budgets from across the country–all types of events from elopements to weeklong events and everything in between! Why? Because the “average costs” in the press are not realistic numbers for most couples and wedding pros (especially those events couples see on social media). Maroo is on the mission to showcase all types of real budgets and costs because we’re on a mission of transparency in the wedding industry.

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