Wedding insurance

Wedding Insurance for Couples Using Book Now, Pay Later

Couples that use Book Now, Pay Later with Maroo, will also be issued a wedding cancellation insurance policy protects you from financial loss in the event of an emergency cancellation.

Cancellation insurance

A Policy that Covers Your Couples

Maroo has partnered with eWed to provide all couples who use Book Now Pay Later with a wedding cancellation insurance policy. The policy covers major incidents like extreme weather, job loss, military deployment and accidents. When the couple books and pays their first month, they will receive a booking confirmation from Maroo as well as a policy issued to them in their names provided by eWed. Have questions about the policy? Reach out, set up a demo or sign up for a free business account to get started!

Maroo FAQs

Have questions? Read answers to the most popular questions listed below.

What is Book Now, Pay Later (BNPL)?

With Book Now, Pay Later, you can offer your couples the option to split up their invoices and pay them back in monthly installments at 0% APR up to 3, 6, or 12 months (you decide the time period). When your couple pays their first month, Maroo transfers you your full invoice amount minus our service fee (between 5-10%) within 1-4 business days. As a business, you no longer need to spend time or energy invoicing and chasing payments. You are paid the full invoice amount upfront and your couple pays us back over time.

What are the benefits of offering BNPL?

Our analysis shows businesses that offer BNPL options to their couples see an increase in sales conversion rates by 58% and average invoice sizes increase by 33%. Plus, businesses save precious time as they no longer spend time invoicing couples.

What happens if the couple cancels their wedding?

Every Book Now, Pay Later transaction with Maroo comes with built-in wedding cancellation insurance provided by our partner at eWed. The insurance policy is issued in your couple’s name and it’s tied to their wedding date. It covers major events like extreme weather, job loss, military deployments and accidents. If the couple wants to cancel for a reason that is not covered by insurance, then Maroo will default to the contract they signed with you. If your contract states that the invoice is nonrefundable, then the couple will need to continue to pay their monthly installments.

Would there ever be a situation where I need to pay Maroo back?

The only reason a business would pay Maroo back would be if you allow couples to get their money back in the case of a cancellation. So if your contract states that they are allowed to cancel and get all or a portion of their money back, then Maroo would need to collect that back from you the business to recoup the costs. If your contract states that the invoice is nonrefundable, then there would not be a situation where you would need to pay Maroo back.

What happens if the couple stops paying Maroo?

For payments that are later than 7 days, Maroo will apply a late fee of $25.

Who pays the Maroo service fee?

The service fee is taken off the top of the invoice when Maroo transfers it to you, the business. So for example, if the invoice to the couple was $10,000 and you offered your couple 12 months interest-free financing, then Maroo will transfer you $10,000 minus our 10% fee. So you would receive $9,000 to your account. Maroo transfers that amount to you the day that the couple pays for their first month and agrees to the terms. Most transfers take 1-4 business days to arrive to your account.

How much does Book Now, Pay Later cost?

Maroo charges a flat fee at the time we transfer the invoice to you, the business. The percent depends on how long you offer it to your couple for. Here is the pricing structure:

3 months = 5%
6 months = 7%
12 months = 10%

What does the cancellation insurance cover?

The wedding cancellation insurance provided by our partner at eWed covers major events including accidents, extreme weather, job loss and military deployment. It does not, however, cover change of heart, breakups and COVID.

Could the couple pay for the remainder of the balance at any point?

Yes, absolutely. If your couple wants to pay for more than one of their invoices, they can do that. There is no penalty for paying it back early either. In fact, if they choose to pay it back early, they can re-use their credit limit for another invoice!

What are the late fees for couples?

Maroo will charge a $25 late fee for any payments that are 7 or more days past due. Maroo will also charge a $25 fee for bounced ACH/bank transfers. Total transparency: We charge this fee because we get charged when charges bounce from our account. 

How could this affect my reviews?

Maroo was exclusively built for the weddings & events industry. While we can’t control reviews, we do go out of our way to ensure that everyone (both businesses and couples!) are super happy with their experience. Most wedding businesses that use Maroo use it to help boost their sales conversion and provide their couples with a modern payment method that makes their lives easier. It’s a win-win!

What are the benefits to couples using BNPL?

Instead of paying out large deposits all at once, Maroo allows couples to split up invoices into smaller, more easy-to-manage monthly installments.

Maroo payment plans come with a predictable repayment schedule. Couples will know in advance when their next payment is due and for how much. Therefore, they’ll be able to plan and budget accordingly.

Maroo can help couples build up good credit history. As they pay off monthly installments, Maroo reports payments to the credit bureaus, which can have a positive effect on their score. Maroo payment plans are all offered at 0% APR. No hidden fees.

Maroo transactions come with embedded cancellation insurance provided by our partners at eWed.Want to pay it back early? No problem. Maroo makes it as easy as possible for couples to pay on your terms. We never charge couples interest and they always have the flexibility and option to pay it back early.

What is Maroo?

Maroo is a fin-tech payment platform that was founded in 2020 to help simplify the way that couples pay for their weddings. We noticed that it was way too difficult and confusing for couples to pay for their weddings and we’re here to help make it as easy as possible!

What is Book Now, Pay Later?

Maroo is the first platform in the wedding industry to offer Book Now, Pay Later for weddings. We help couples split their wedding payments for different aspects of their wedding over a period of 3-12 months instead of them paying large deposits and chunks of money at a time.

Why would I use Maroo’s Book Now, Pay Later for my wedding?

Because why wouldn’t you take advantage of a 0% APR and split up your payments over a period of time, vs writing large checks?

If we use Maroo, will we end up paying interest at some point?

Nope. All of Maroo payment plans are 0% APR. That never changes. (And yep, you read that right!)

Are there any other additional fees (Sign up fees or subscriptions)

Nope! Maroo is free for couples to use! 

How do Maroo monthly payment timelines work?

You decide the amount that you’d like to Book Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and decide how many months you’d like to pay it off! 

For example, if you’d like to use Maroo to pay for the deposit of your wedding venue that is $25,000 over 12 months -- you’d pay $2,083.33 a month for 12 months vs having to write a check for it at one time.

Does using Maroo affect my credit score?

Signing up and going through the credit assessment with Maroo will not affect your credit score. (We perform what’s called a “soft credit check.”) If you do decide to pay for an invoice using Maroo, your loan payments can have a positive effect on your credit score since paying on time over a period of several months can help you improve your FICO score.

How do the monthly payments work?

A few days prior to the due date, we will send you a reminder via text or email. At that point, you’ll have the option to choose which bank account you want to use for repayments. If you want to use a different bank account than the ones connected to your Maroo dashboard, that’s totally fine. You can add that at any time. If you prefer, we can set up automatic disbursements through your linked bank account so that the payments are sent on time every month.

Who is the cancellation insurance provided by?

Cancellation insurance is covered by eWed.

What is covered in the cancellation insurance?

You can take a look at what is covered by cancellation insurance here.

Can I pay off my balance with Maroo before my contract is up? 

Want to pay it back early? No problem. We make it as easy as possible for you to pay on your terms. We never charge interest and you always have the flexibility and option to pay it back early.

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