Alexey Nikityuk


Before Maroo, Alexey headed the FP&A team at Revolut (UK’s largest fintech company), where he set up financial planning function and was part of a core team raising $500m Series D round. Previously, Alexey spent 10 years working in finance all over the world–from 15 states across the US, to China, France, the UK and Russia–for Procter & Gamble and General Electric.

Alexey co-founded Maroo with the goal of bringing best-in-class financial products to couples and the businesses that power the weddings and events industry. He likes to call himself the numbers guy on the team.

Based in London, Alexey is a loving husband and proud father of two. They spend weekends at chess tournaments and activities for the kids and bicycling around their favorite city.

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Alexey Nikityuk
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