Business Benefits

Giving clients the the freedom to split their invoice into interest-free monthly payments is not only convenient for them, it means that you get paid in full from the moment of booking.

Full, upfront payments

Once the contract is signed, Maroo transfers the full amount to your linked bank account within one business day. No payment processing fees attached.

Increased sales conversion rates

Flexible payment terms are good for everyone. When couples have the option to split up their invoice amounts, the result is a faster sales cycle.

Event cancellation insurance

Extreme weather, accidents, loss of job — your clients (and their deposits) are insured. Read the full policy here.

Simple CRM integration options

We built Maroo in a way that doesnt' interrupt your sales process or workflow. Gnerate a link from your Maroo account or use our Chrome extension. You can even create a QR code for in-store purchases!

Competitve advantage

Staying reelvant and ahead of the curve is what it's all about. Maroo is revolutioniazing the way couples pay for their weddings.

Invoice & contract management

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Maroo was built for
the weddings industry