Maroo Referral Program

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Refer your industry friends to Maroo and each earn $200 cash reward for every new eligible signup. No limits.

How It Works

Ongoing program without caps or limits. Earn unlimited income by inviting your friends, followers, professional network.

Share your personal invite link

Important: your friends should only use your unique personal affiliate link. We won't be able to support manual tracking. Find your link here

Invitees use Maroo

After signup, your friend will need to process a minimum of $25,000 of customer payments to be eligible for cash rewards

Track your rewards

For every eligible signup you and your friend will each earn a $200 cash reward paid out at the month end

Questions & Answers

Everything you need to know about Maroo Affiliate Program designed specially for E3 community members
When is the program active?
Maroo Affiliate program is active from 11/15/23 onwards. All invites sent after that date are considered for payouts
Can I become an affiliate?
Maroo Affiliate program is available to any business who has an active account on Maroo. It's so easy!
Where can I find my personal affiliate link?
You can find your unique personal affiliate link in your Maroo account: click here
What is the affiliate reward?
For every eligible signup, you and your friend will earn a $200 cash reward without any limits or caps 🤩
What is the eligibility criteria?
To be eligible for payout, your invitee should meet just these simple conditions:

• Operate within weddings or events industry
• Sign up only via your unique affiliate link. We will not be able to support manual tracking and attribution
• Process on Maroo a minimum of $25,000 customer payments
Can I share my affiliate link in private online communities?
Absolutely! While we encourage to invite first your friends or peer industry professionals, you are more than welcome to promote your personal affiliate links anywhere you'd like.
How would I know how much did I earn? 
You will have access to your personal tracking dashboard where you will see the list of eligible invitees and expected payout and its respective status. All reward payouts will be done at the end of the respective month via ACH transaction to the bank account connected your Maroo dashboard.
Where can I find more information?
You can find more information about Maroo affiliate program via the following link
Where can I get support?
You are always welcome to chat our team by clicking a coral circle in the bottom right corner. Or feel free to reach out to us via [email protected]. Our friendly customer success team will be happy to assist you!
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