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Questions & Answers

Everything you need to know about making the payments on Maroo
How does Maroo facilitate making payments to my vendors and contractors?
Maroo simplifies the payment process by providing an easy-to-use platform to pay your suppliers and contractors. You can securely send payments using various methods, including ACH transfers, cards and digital wallets.
Can I use Maroo to pay my contractors?
Absolutely! Maroo offers a seamless payment solution for contractors. You can easily and securely make payments to your contractors directly through Maroo's platform, simplifying your payment process and ensuring timely disbursements.
Does Maroo support generating 1099-NEC reports?
Yes, Maroo provides the functionality to generate accurate 1099-NEC reports. This feature simplifies your tax reporting obligations, allowing you to easily generate and access the necessary reports for your contractors. For a small fee you can e-file your 1099 reports to the IRS at the end of the year.
Can I pay with a credit card even if it's not accepted by my supplier?
Yes, with Maroo you can pay with a credit card even when your supplier may not accept it. Maroo acts as an intermediary, allowing you to pay vendors with your credit card while facilitating the transfer of funds to the vendor through alternative payment methods of their preference (bank transfer or check).
Can I schedule future payments via Maroo?
Yes, Maroo offers the ability to schedule future payments. You can set specific dates for payments to ensure timely and accurate disbursements to your vendors and contractors.
Are there any fees associated with making payments through Maroo?
Maroo offers free B2B ACH payments, allowing you to make payments without incurring additional fees. However, processing fees may apply for certain payment methods like cards.
Can I track and manage all my payments in one place with Maroo?
Absolutely! Maroo provides a centralized dashboard where you can track and manage all your payments. Easily view payment history, monitor pending payments, and stay organized.
Can I integrate Maroo with my existing accounting software?
Yes, Maroo provides integrations with Quickbooks Online, allowing you to sync payment data seamlessly. This integration simplifies payment reconciliation and enhances financial accuracy.

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