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July 21, 2021

Weddings in the US are expensive. Average cost is around $40,000-$45,000. Based on the StudentLoanHero research, around 74% of couples get into debt in order to pay for their wedding expenses. We are talking about high-interest credit cards or personal loans at 18-35% APR.

Here at Maroo we believe there should be a better way to start your married life than getting into another pile of credit debt. To solve this, we offer installment plans from 0% APR up to 24 months on all wedding expenses.

We have an A-team of ex-Revolut and The Knot alumni, top investors from Europe and US, and now we are growing our team to get to a next milestone. It's really cool here, join in!


  • There is no legacy code — we are coding from scratch with the latest supported versions of libraries & frameworks
  • Our stack: Typescript, Node.js 14+, Nest.js, React 17+, Postgresql 13, Google Cloud
  • We rely on maximal reuse of already created code functionality (npm modules, external services like Auth0) and don’t recreate a bicycle
  • There is no far-fetched coding rules, you can code in your favourite manner

Job requirements

  • We are looking for a talented Senior full-stack engineer with 3+ years of experience
  • You have previously worked in a fast-paced company or a startup
  • You have a strong sense of ownership
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We are working to revolutionize payments experience in the wedding industry. Join us on this journey!

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