Are "non-wedding" weddings on the rise? Here is a roundup of the ins and outs of 2024

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In Vogue's exploration of anticipated 2024 wedding trends, the spotlight is on the rise of the non-wedding wedding. Eight top event planners, including Melissa Sullivan of Studio Sully, noted a growing preference among couples to break away from traditional wedding norms. The data supports this shift, with Pinterest reporting a 110% increase in searches for "nontraditional wedding dresses" and a 205% rise in searches for "nontraditional wedding vows." The term "anti-bride" has surged by 480%.

Non-wedding weddings are characterized by casual, family-style menus, fly-on-the-wall photography, and intimate ceremonies followed by separate, less formal parties. Couples are increasingly incorporating stylists into their budgets to ensure their looks are authentic and reflective of their personalities.

Traditional elements are giving way to new trends. Sweetheart tables and cake-cutting table service are becoming passé, with a focus on keeping the celebration dynamic rather than adhering to formalities. White-and-green color palettes are being replaced by bolder and more adventurous choices in decor, such as bold patterns and vibrant colors.

The article outlines various trends for 2024 weddings, including:

  1. Ceremony Friday, Party Saturday: Some couples are opting for a civil wedding ceremony one day and a religious ceremony the next, separating sacred and profane aspects for more creative party possibilities.
  2. Dutch Masters–Inspired Florals: Artful, fruit-dripped tablescapes and darker floral arrangements influenced by Dutch Masters are gaining popularity.
  3. To-Go Wedding-Cake Slices and Dessert Stations: A departure from traditional table service, to-go cake slices and themed dessert stations are becoming prevalent.
  4. Drone Shows: Drone shows are replacing traditional fireworks, offering a customizable and environmentally friendly spectacle.
  5. Wedding Stylists: Couples are investing in stylists for their wedding wardrobes, embracing non-traditional dresses and giving the wedding party more freedom.
  6. Digital Guest Books: Traditional guest books are making way for immersive digital experiences, allowing couples to relive special moments through photos, videos, and audio messages.
  7. Tonal Design Palettes: Clients are drawn to tonal palettes, embracing color while maintaining sophistication and restraint.
  8. Documentary-Style Photography: Couples are prioritizing candid, documentary-style photography and real-time social content creation.
  9. Restaurant Receptions: Restaurants are being considered for more than just rehearsal dinners, providing a unique and personalized wedding venue.
  10. Private Ceremonies: Intimate, private ceremonies are on the rise, allowing couples to exchange vows in serene settings.
  11. Over-the-Top Guest Dress Codes: Encouraging adventurous guest fashion with creative dress codes is gaining popularity.
  12. Male Brooches: Unique accessories like brooches are making their way into men's fashion for a whimsical yet elegant touch.
  13. Meaningful, Nonformal Menus: Personalized menus, including family recipes or dishes with special significance, are becoming more common.
  14. Wedding Crests: Custom logos or crests are being used throughout weddings for branding, moving beyond traditional monograms.
  15. Negative Space: Embracing negative space in tented events creates impactful design moments.
  16. Champagne Towers: The classic Champagne tower is making a comeback, adding a touch of glamour to celebrations.
  17. Sustainability: Couples are increasingly mindful of sustainability in wedding elements, from trinkets to decor.

Vogue also highlights trends that are on the decline, such as sweetheart tables, farewell brunches, bows, large bridal parties, traditional cake cuttings, the white-and-green color palette, formal departures, and matching bridesmaids dresses. Couples are opting for more personalized and unconventional approaches to their weddings, steering away from rigid traditions for a more authentic and dynamic celebration.

Prianka Dhir
Mar 1, 2024
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