Maoo has grown 16X since November – Here’s Why Businesses Are Switching to Maroo

Keeping up with the wedding boom in 2022 means simplifying and streamlining. If you’re a wedding & events business owner and you’re still using a peer-to-peer payments app, pricey CRM payments portal, paper checks and wire transfers, it’s time you joined the money movement.


Anja Winikka
March 24, 2022

If you own and run a weddings & events business, you know: Keeping up with the boom this year isn’t easy #iykyk. Besides the fact that Maroo is FREE to use and we’re not a subscription, here are our most popular features (and why we’re growing so fast!).

  1. Built In Payment Buttons & Automated Reminders for Future Payments: There’s no need for a paragraph of payment method instructions anymore. Your clients can pay you via bank transfer, debit card and credit card all in one spot. When you go to set up a payment request, you can send it right away and then schedule out the rest of your payment requests all at once. Toggle on the automated reminders so that come busy season, there’s no scrambling and tracking down payments. It’s SO simple, anyone on your team can do it!
  1. Bank Transfers/ACH & Debit Cards are FREE to Process: The majority of CRMs and payment apps are charging processing fees for debit cards and bank transfers. Do the math and you may realize that you’re paying thousands of dollars every year just to process bank transfers and debit cards. Alternatively, maybe you’re using a payment app like Zelle or CashApp to avoid fees––yet sacrificing brand and experience to save. Maroo lets you have both––a beautiful branded client experience and no processing fees. Win-win.
  1. Credit Card Processing is a Flat 2.9% & You Can Pass It On: Similar to above, you very well may be spending thousands of dollars per year on credit card processing fees. But in our opinion, if your clients want to use a credit card, they should take on the processing fee (those are their airline miles, not yours!). That’s why we made it simple for you to pass the flat 2.9% credit card processing fee to the client. 
  1. Syncs with Quickbooks & Works with CRMs: Ask any bookkeeper and they’ll tell you the same thing: Keeping your payments all in one place is key to staying organized and on track come tax season. To make it easy on you and save everyone time, Maroo syncs with Quickbooks (for free). So when you make a payment request on Maroo, all of that information will sync directly with your Quickbooks account. Go to your Maroo integration settings to connect. 

Have a CRM for workflow, contracts and invoicing? Totally cool. Try our new Zapier integration and then use our “generate payment link” in Maroo to keep your systems intact.

  1. Industry First & the BEST 24/7 Support 💃🏻: There’s so much about our industry that makes us like none other. That’s why we believe that we deserve our very own payments processing platform. From the ground up, Maroo is equal parts events industry and finance and it’s our mission to ensure that we make the money conversation less taboo and more commonplace. Our monthly Maroo-members-only money webinars with wedding & event pros and city-by-city launch parties (coming soon!) are just the beginning. If you have any questions about your Maroo account or money in general, reach out. We’re always here for it and for you.


  1. All Payments Process in 1 Business Day
    Doesn’t matter if they paid you via Amex or ACH, all payments process to your business bank account within 1 business day.
  1. No Limits On Payment Request Amounts
    Whether it’s $1,000 or $100,000, you’re good to send the request on Maroo.  
  1. Request a Payment from Another Business: Most wedding & event businesses have corporate clients. You’re not limited to solely payment requests from clients. You can also use Maroo to request a payment from another business. Just click on “+ Request payment” in your dashboard and toggle over to “Requesting from a business.”
  1. VOW for Girls Donation Opt-In: We partnered with VOW for Girls, a nonprofit organization that aims to end the international child marriage crisis, and released a donation add-on feature. Your clients can opt to donate straight from their invoice! 

What’s Next?

  1. Request to PAY another business 🔥: Stay tuned because VERY soon, you’ll also be able to pay other businesses on Maroo. Pay your second shooters and editors, pay your freelancers, or pay your entire wedding vendor team on behalf of your clients. Want to be the very first to try it? Email us [email protected] and we’ll set you up with a demo this month!

15 years marketing to the wedding industry, formerly at The Knot

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