Busiest Wedding Season in More than 35 Years? Here’s What Maroo Is Doing About That

Anja Winikka
March 14, 2022
5 min read
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In light of the latest wedding industry stats from The Wedding Report, next year (2022), there will be an estimated 2.5 million weddings –– a total of which hasn’t been seen since 1984. In order to accommodate those 2022 couples, you’re going to need your business to run as simply and seamlessly as possible. Enter Maroo. Our new Maroo payments product is sort of like Venmo, yet totally tailored for the weddings industry. As a business owner you can simply and easily accept and request payments from your clients.

Here’s what you’ll get with your free Maroo account:

Free Processing for ACH, Checks, Debit Cards: Yeah you read that right! We don’t believe that processing via ACH or a check should cost you a thing. Request payment, send a link and get paid. There is no charge whatsoever to do so.

From 2.9% Credit Card Processing: Offer your clients the opportunity to use a credit card shouldn’t mean taking on an inflated processing fee. When you process a credit card through Maroo, the fee can be as low as 2.9%. If your state allows you to do so, you can choose to pass that fee along to the client or take it on yourself. The choice is yours.

Get Paid Within 1 Business Day: No more waiting 2-3 (or even 5) business days for the ACH or check to clear. When you request payments through Maroo, we guarantee that the money will land in your account within 1 business day.

Simple, Seamless Processing for Your Clients: Send your clients a text with their payment request link. They can pay you on the go from their phone or while sitting at their desk. Your clients can sign in as a guest for quick payments. Or, clients who choose to create an account will have access to all of their payment requests so that they can seamlessly manage it all from their dashboard.

Option to offer Pay Over Time: For a 5-10% flat fee, you have the option to design a package for your clients that allows them to split their invoices into equally monthly installments at 0% APR up for 3, 6 or 12 months. At the same time they make their first monthly payment, we transfer you the full contract amount within 1 business day. Cancellation insurance is always included (to protect you from chargebacks!).

Maroo Rewards: Get access to exclusive perks and discounts just for using Maroo as your payment method! We pooled together courses, memberships, and discounts to dozens of national and wedding industry brands that you can take advantage of (think: discounts on ClassPass, Headspace and exclusive invites to branding courses and more).

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