The Cost of a 60-Person Wedding in Taos, New Mexico

Team Maroo
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This submission for a 60-person event in Taos, New Mexico happened in September of 2022. We asked the bride a few questions about her submission (plus her advice for other couples!) below.

The Real Budget Details

Estimated Budget: $20,000

Venue: $5,000

Photography: $1,000

Videography: $3,000

Food & Beverage (including cake): $8,083

Wedding Fashion: $330

Floral & Design: $1,000

Hair (bride & sister): $200

DJ: $1,123

Stationery: $340

Transportation: $850

Tips: $2,000

Decor: $800

Officiant: $700

Total Wedding Cost: $24,426

We asked the bride a few questions about her submission (plus her advice for other couples!) below!

1️. What is one tip you’d give another couple in regards to their budget?

“Spend on things you care about and go budget on things you don’t. Ask family and friends to help with DIY.”

2️. When selecting your vendors, what were the top 3 factors that went into hiring them?

“Price, Vendor Personality, Availability”

3️. In the food & beverage number, can you tell us a bit more about the alcohol for the event?

“We bought the alcohol ourself and had 3 types of beer and 3 signature cocktails. We had unopened leftovers after the night ended and unfortunately our state policy doesn't allow us to return unopened bottles. Bartender cost included in this number”

4️. Where did you find your photographer and videographer?

“We found the videographer online, for photography we had my brother-in-law. The videography included 2 videographers and full ceremony + reception videos.”

5️. Where did you find your wedding day outfit for $300? Did this include alterations?

“I bought it on Azazie in Jan 2022 before they increased overall prices. Alterations were done for free by my Mother in law. Included are some hair jewels from Amazon and white shoes at a local shoe store.

MAROO NOTE: Maroo Budget Talks are designed to encourage couples and wedding pros to share REAL wedding budgets from across the country–all types of events from elopements to weeklong events and everything in between! Why? Because the “average costs” in the press are not realistic numbers for most couples and wedding pros (especially those events couples see on social media). Maroo is on the mission to showcase all types of real budgets and costs because we’re on a mission of transparency in the wedding industry.

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