The smartest way to pay for your wedding

Instead of paying out large deposits all at once, Maroo allows you to split up your invoices into smaller, more easy-to-manage monthly installments.

0% APR installment plans up to 24 months

All Maroo payment plans are offered at 0% APR. Depending on the size of your invoice, you'll be able to split up your invoice between 3 and 24 months.

Predictable monthly payments

There's never any question as to how much you'll pay each month. From the moment of booking, you'll know exactly when and how much every month.

No hidden fees, never any small fonts

We are not in the business of interest rates and price-gouging. (That would be contrary to our mission.) We charge your wedding business owner a service fee at the time of booking and that's it.

Wedding cancellation insurance included

We stand behind every transaction processed with Maroo. Extreme weather, accidents, loss of job — your deposits are insured. Click here to see the polidy.

Easily add your partner and parents to your account

Want to increase your Maroo credit limit? Totally cool Feel free to add your partner, parents or anyone else contributing to the wedding. It's sort of like co-signing and it'll help to increase your Maroo credit limit.

Free financial coaching sessions

We would never leave you at the altar. (Sorry couldn't help oursevles.) Our goal is to help send you off on the right foot as newlyweds. That's why all of our couples receive access to 12 free financial coaching sessions from our partners at Status Money.

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