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Get paid in full from the moment they book

Maroo lets your clients split their invoices from 0% APR monthly installments up to 24 months. You get the full upfront invoice within 1 business day. Cancellation insurance always included.

Designed and built exclusively for the weddings industry

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Revolutionizing payments for the weddings industry

Full upfront payments

Once the contract is signed, you get the full contracted amount to your linked bank account within one business day.

Cancellation insurance

Extreme weather, accidents, loss of job — your clients (and their deposits) are insured in the case of event cancellation.

Seamless payments

Our browser extension allows you to instantly generate an invoice link – allowing you to stay within your existing workflow.

Increased sales conversion

Giving couples the flexibility to pay over time lowers the barrier to entry.

Total transparency

Maroo charges a flat service fee on the invoice amount. It's free to sign up and there are no additional processing fees.

"Maroo is going to shape the future of wedding businesses. The upfront payments and cancellation insurance is a total game-changer!

Annie Lee

Money-savvy wedding businesses love Maroo

Just because weddings are seasonal doesn't mean your bank account has to be. Full payment within 1 business day.

Sales conversion
10 hours
Saved per client
9 months
Added cashflow runway
Average order value
Maroo for Wedding business

Maroo is for solopreneurs
and teams of all sizes


Secure cashflow for the upcoming shoulder season

Growing Teams

Increase sales volume with flexible payment options

Large Brands

Hit those sales goals faster and maintain cashflow

Maroo was built for
the weddings industry

Get started

Setup is simpler than a '90s sheath wedding dress


Create your free account

Setup takes minutes and is entirely free. Once you've provided basic information, you'll have access to your dashboard.


Set up a demo

We'll show you how to generate an invoice link and ensure your accounts are connected and ready for upcoming wire transfers.


Offer Maroo to your clients

Providing clients a flexible way to pay means increased sales conversion rates and upfront payments. Cancellation insurance included.

Maroo Faqs

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

What exactly is Maroo?

Maroo is a brand-new payment method for the weddings industry. Instead of a high-interest credit card or cash, couples now have the option to pay for their invoices over time from 0% APR.
At the same time, we provide the full upfront invoice amount to the wedding business owner within one business day from the day the couple books. Cancellation insurance is embedded into every transaction.

How does Maroo make money?

Maroo charges a flat fee of 10% on the invoice amount for every transaction. We don't charge a subscription fee and there are no hidden fees. You won't pay credit card processing fess either. It's as simple as that.

Is Maroo available nationwide?

Yes! Maroo is available to all wedding service providers. From venues to bridal salons, photographers, makeup artists, planners, florists and beyond.
If you own a small business that services the weddings industry, then we encourage you to create a free account and try it!

What are the payment terms?

Depending on how large the invoice is, your couples will be given an option to pay over a period of 3-24 months from 0% APR. It's completely up to them.
That said, most of our couples end up opting to pay for their invoices over a period of 9-12 months.

Will Maroo affect client credit scores?

Nope! Signing up and going through the credit assessment with Maroo will not affect credit scores. We perform what’s called a soft credit check.
In fact, using Maroo can have a positive affect on client credit scores, since making on-time payments over a period of several months can actually help them build up a positive credit history.

What if the couple cancels?

Every Maroo transaction is covered with wedding cancellation insurance provided by eWed. The policy covers extreme weather events, accidents, job loss and military deployment and you can read the full policy here. It does not cover Covid-related cancellations and postponements or change of heart.

That said, if your contract covers you in those cases, then you remain protected. For example, if your couple breaks up and cancels one week prior to the wedding and your contract states that they owe you the full amount, then they're still liable for the full amount.

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